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Cory Carone represents clients in complex commercial litigation, appeals, and government investigations. He litigates and counsels on commercial contract disputes, business and toxic torts, defamation claims, environmental contamination claims, employment discrimination claims, intellectual property disputes, and alleged health care fraud. He also has experience with state and federal constitutional law related to voting rights, congressional and legislative redistricting, the First Amendment, governmental immunity, and civil rights. Cory has appeared in state and federal courts across the country, and he has represented clients across a variety of industries, including health care, manufacturing, technology, higher education, financial services, construction, and insurance.

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Idaho Supreme Court Update: Grace at Twin Falls, LLC v. Jeppesen

The facts. An assisted living facility partnered with a preferred pharmacy to offset software costs related to the tracking and delivery of residents’ prescription medications. The facility charged residents an extra $10 each month if they did not choose the preferred pharmacy. The lower court held that the arrangement violated the Idaho Residential Care or … Continue Reading

Idaho Supreme Court Update: Sheehan v. Sun Valley Company

The facts. The Idaho Department of Labor found that Nathaniel Sheehan was ineligible for unemployment insurance benefits and ordered him to repay benefits that he had received. During Sheehan’s initial protest, the Department advised Sheehan that it would email updates to him, but the Department instead mailed a notice of telephonic hearing to Sheehan’s P.O. … Continue Reading

Idaho Supreme Court Update: Gray v. Gray

The facts. Mom and Dad were married, had a child, and divorced. As part of the divorce, the parties reached a visitation arrangement that gave Mom primary custody of the child and Dad visitation. Mom later relocated to Costa Rica with the child. Mom made the decision to relocate unilaterally, without informing Dad and without … Continue Reading

Idaho Supreme Court Update: Carver v. Hornish

The facts. A father allegedly consented to a sham marriage for his minor daughter to evade the magistrate court’s jurisdiction over a custody dispute with his ex-wife. The mother requested expedited relief to stop the sham marriage, but the magistrate court did not enter an order stopping the father from consenting to the marriage until … Continue Reading