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Court of Appeals Affirms Ecology’s Denial Of Petition For Rulemaking On Water Quality for Columbia River

Authored by Jason T. Morgan of Stoel Rives LLP In Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association v. Washington Department of Ecology (pdf), the Washington Court of Appeals concluded that the Washington State Department of Ecology (“Ecology’) properly denied a petition for rulemaking under Washington’s Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”) regarding water quality standards for the Columbia River.  This was the … Continue Reading

No, We Really Mean It. Parties Have To Have Standing To Challenge An Agency Decision Under The APA.

People waiting to know whether the King County shoreline master program (“SMP”) properly applies with the Burien city limits shouldn’t hold their breath.  That is because the Court of Appeals recently held that the petitioners in Patterson v. Segale lacked standing under the APA  to challenge Burien’s decision that the King County SMP continues to … Continue Reading