Wash Const art II § 40

In Freeman v. State, the Washington Supreme Court rejected an attempt to block the lease of the two center lanes on I-90 to Sound Transit for light rail use. In so ruling, the Court held that WSDOT may lease highways financed with MVF monies where a plan exists to reimburse the MVF. It further held that WSDOT may enter into contracts to transfer highway property based on a contingent determination that such highway property will not be needed in the future.
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In 1988, voters approved Initiative 97, which enacted the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), RCW70.105D, and created the hazardous substances tax (HST), RCW 82.21. The HST is imposed on the first in-state possession of any toxic substance, including motor vehicle fuel, and revenue collected is used to fund hazardous substances cleanup under the MTCA. HST