Earlier this year, we addressed the Idaho Supreme Court’s frustration with the trial courts’ continuing failure to enter final judgments in compliance with Idaho Rule of Civil Procedure 54(a). See posts here and here. As a result, on February 12, 2015, the Court issued an order stating that “any judgment, decree or order entered

The saga regarding what is a final, appealable judgment under Idaho Rule of Civil Procedure 54(a) continued today. The Idaho Supreme Court entered the following order:

WHEREAS there are a number of judgments that have been previously entered that do not comply with Idaho Rule of Civil Procedure 54( a) or Idaho Rule of Family

In Cook v. Arias, Dkt. No. 41745 (Feb. 6, 2015), the Idaho Supreme Court issued an order that continues the Court’s jurisprudence on what constitutes a final judgment under Idaho Rule of Civil Procedure 54(a). Failing to heed the lessons in Cook can result in increased litigation costs and delay the resolution of cases on appeal and on remand. Cook involved an appeal from an order in a divorce action modifying child custody but is equally applicable to other civil cases. The Court dismissed the appeal because no final judgment was entered after the divorce trial.
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