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Need Reversal Rates or Other Data from the United States Courts of Appeal? Review the Statistical Tables at www.uscourts.gov.

I have been drafting an article on appellant advocacy for the August edition of the Idaho State Bar’s The Advocate. As part of my research, I reviewed statistical data from the United States Courts of Appeal available at www.uscourts.gov. The website compiles statistics, by circuit, on appeals commenced, terminated, and pending in detailed tables identified … Continue Reading

Idaho Supreme Court and Idaho Court of Appeals’ May Calendars and Helpful Appellate Practice Links

The Idaho Supreme Court has released its May calendar [link http://www.isc.idaho.gov/appeals-court/isc-calendar]. It will be hearing arguments in Boise on May 4, 6, and 8, in Idaho Falls on May 12, and in Pocatello on May 13. For the hearings in Boise, you can watch the arguments via live streaming through the above link. The Idaho … Continue Reading