Tag: Appellate Decisions Oct 8-12 2012

Appellate Update: Department of Revenue v. Bi-Mor, Inc. [Wash. App. No.42050-3-II]

Bi-Mor operates various business entities that advertise their prices as including all applicable sales taxes and claims that it is absorbing the tax. For accounting purposes, Bi-Mor manually calculates the applicable sales tax based on the tender paid by the buyer and remits that amount to the Department of Revenue – commonly called “backing out” the … Continue Reading

Appellate Update: Raum v. City of Bellevue [Wash. App. No. 67213-4-I]

The City of Bellevue employed Raum as a firefighter for more than 19 years. Over the course of his career, Raum was evaluated several times for smoke inhalation at the scene of a fire. Sometime in 2008, Raum began experiencing chest pain. He experienced such pain three different times while at work. After the third … Continue Reading

Appellate Update: Landis and Landis Construction, LLC v. Nation [Wash. App. No. 67216-9-I]

Landis & Landis Construction, LLC entered into a residential lease agreement with Nation to house a construction crew. Upon moving into the leased house, crew members smelled a “strong ‘dead animal’ odor in the house” and found rodent feces, poison, and torn food wrappers in the house and on the leased premises. Concerned about a … Continue Reading