Appellate Decisions Oct 22-26 2012

Via my colleague Jennie Bricker.

A registered student organization of Oregon State University published a conservative monthly newspaper, the Liberty, as an alternative to the well-established, traditional paper, the Daily Barometer. Asserting enforcement of an unwritten policy governing placement of newsbins on campus, OSU officials removed the Liberty’s distribution bins from seven campus locations—but left

The Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center Public Facilities District (the “District”) is a municipal corporation formed by the city of Wenatchee and other cities and counties to finance, construct, and operate the Greater Wenatchee Regional Events Center. In 2011, the District proposed to Wenatchee that the parties enter into a Contingent Loan Agreement (“CLA”) to

Summary authored by Melissa White of Cozen O’Connor.

An employee of Best Plumbing Group, LLC cut a pressurized sewage pipe, causing sewage to escape into the home of James Bird. Efforts to repair the pipe were not successful and sewage continued to escape for eight months, resulting in hillside instability and toxic mold. Mr. Bird