Amendments to Rules 11 and 12.4 of the Idaho Appellate Rules go into effect on July 1, 2015. The amendments relate to appeals from the Idaho Industrial Commission.

I.A.R. 11 addresses appellate judgments and orders. The amendments add a new provision, Rule 11(d)(2), that allows an immediate appeal “[f]rom any order of the Industrial Commission deciding compensability that the Commission has determined should be immediately appealable pursuant to Rule 12.4.”

I.A.R. 12.4 is a new rule that allows for expedited appeals from the Industrial Commission pursuant to Rule 11(d)(2). The new rule sets out the criteria for expedited appeals when the Commission “enters an order deciding compensability that resolves less than all issues regarding a claim for benefits.” A party may move the Commission to make that determination. The new rule also sets out the time limits for such a motion, and should the Commission determine that an appeal is appropriate, for filing the notice of appeal, for preparing the clerk’s record and transcript, for briefing, and for oral argument.

The order amending Rule 11 and adding Rule 12.4 can be found here.