In April, the Washington Supreme Court granted petitions for review in five cases.  One will be remanded to the Court of Appeals, the other four will be heard by the high court.

Anderson v. Dussault, et al.  

Court of Appeals Case #: 43280-3-II
Supreme Court Case No.: 89788-3
Issues:  Whether the Washington Trustee’s Accounting Act bars claims of breach of fiduciary duty against trustees.  Whether attorneys hired by trustee owe fiduciary duty to beneficiaries.

State v. Walker

Court of Appeals Case #: 41970-0-II
Supreme Court Case No.: 89830-8
Issue: Whether a defense attorney provides ineffective assistance by failing to request a cautionary instruction advising the jury that a witness was an accomplice.  Whether a prosecutor prejudices the defendant by improperly urging the jury to decide the truth rather than determine whether the case was proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Court of Appeals Case #: 43204-8-II
State v. Maynard

Supreme Court Case No.: 89786-7
Issue:  Whether the State may bring charges against a young defendant in adult court after juvenile court dismissed without prejudice charges against him because he turned 18.  Whether charges must be dismissed when a defense attorney commits ineffective assistance of counsel by failing to move to extend juvenile court jurisdiction over the case before the defendant turns 18.

Sixty-01 Ass’n of Apartment Owners v. Pashniak

Court of Appeals Case #: 69135-0-I
consol. w/
Court of Appeals Case #: 69136-8-I
Supreme Court Case No.: 89805-7
Issue:  Whether a winning bidder at a sheriff’s property sale is entitled to withdraw the bid when the default judgments mislead the bidder about the existence of a properly recorded deed of trust.

Rose v. Anderson Hay & Grain Co.

Court of Appeals Case #: 30545-7-III
Supreme Court Case No.: 87539-1
Granted and remanded to the Court of Appeals for reconsideration