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Aric Jarrett is a partner in Stoel Rives' Litigation group and focuses his practice on complex commercial and class action litigation. He has experience in a variety of business and commercial disputes concerning contracts, control of companies and partnerships, property damage, real estate, receiverships, construction defects, product liability, securities law, trade secrets, trademark and copyright matters and various business torts. He also handles a broad range of civil appellate matters in state and federal courts.

In SentinelC3, Inc. v. Hunt (No. 89317-9), the Washington Supreme Court unanimously held that a dissenting shareholder’s belief that the non-dissenting shareholders “concocted a plan” to force him out of the corporation and artificially diminish the value of his shares did not create a genuine issue of material fact precluding entry of summary judgment on the value of his shares, nor did counsel’s affidavit attaching “a true and accurate copy” of a valuation expert’s report do so.
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The Washington Supreme Court unanimously held in In re Disciplinary Proceeding Against Robert B. Jackson (No. 201,017-2) that substantial evidence supported the hearing officer’s findings that Robert Jackson engaged in fraud, deceit, conflicts of interest, and other serious ethics violations and that disbarment was the appropriate sanction.
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